Sam Madina

I was pleased with the customer service and process with Americas First Financial. I was honestly a little surprised when they said we are done and money will be in my account! I was expecting more work on my side.

Lana Eugene

Money is always a sensitive subject and hard to find the right help for the right situation. I called a few places to get information on their products and whats offered to see if it fits with my situation. Many places gave me answers that I wanted to hear and were aggressive on getting my […]

Daisy Howard

I always preferred working with someone face to face especially when dealing with finances and i’ve always hated doing business with someone over the phone. With Covid going on and to keep my family safe, I decided to give Americas First Financial a try after talking to an agent for a good amount of time […]

Karine Tiny

My husband and I needed to consolidate some credit card bills and applied with Americas First Financial along with 2 other companies to compare. We ended up signing with Americas First Financial mainly because of their customer service and easy process and good rate! We now have 1 payment lower than the combined payment we […]